LimeSn0w Is Not Real: Never Will Be Says Gehot

Earlier on today we wrote an article titled “LimeSn0w iOS 4.1 Unlock: Better Than Greenpois0n and LimeRa1n” (Read Here), well we are going to say oops did we make a mistake?

We gave you some information earlier on today reporting the new LimeSn0w iOS 4.1 Unlock and that it has been seen on the T-Mobile iPhone 3GS and now we want to chat a little more about it.

We just visited LimeSn0w.com thanks to a readers comment, which you can see below on the article above and they are right in that we should have visited the website first before reporting, but hey we only report news as it comes in and we saw news about this LimeSn0w.

If you visit the LimeSn0w website you will see clearly a message quoting “This will never be real. Media, understand it. ~geohot”.

Now we are not too sure if the message is real or not, could it be true that it will never release or is it the fact of it is real but the message is there to keep things quite a little from the media. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “LimeSn0w Is Not Real: Never Will Be Says Gehot”

  1. djOwens says:

    keep things quiet, he never even released any information on limera1n. And the video could be a fake but that would take a lot of work just to make a fake video like that. limesn0w if it is real will be the biggest deal ever considering greenpois0n won't release till early November and a lot of people are getting very restless over having a iphone that's basically a ipod touch. I think geohot has some ace's up his sleeve.

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