Apple iPhone Concept: Should This be the Next Gen Handset?

In the big wide world of smartphones no doubt there are many handset designers who tinker at designing a concept of what the next Apple iPhone could look like, and we have one such concept for your consideration today.

This next generation iPhone concept by designer Samuel Lee Kwon comes to our attention by Thrystan of Concept-phones and by way of Yanko Designs and shows that this iPhone concept can be worn on the wrist and apparently project a “virtual display” onto the user’s hand.

The iPhone concept also features a small touch screen that gives access to all the vital gear such as emails and missed calls and the like, and apparently there is even a camera, a receiver and home button in this design concept.

On the rear of the write part there is also apparently a SIM card tray and a pulse sensor. So what do our readers think of this iPhone concept, could it be the next generation iPhone or do you feel that rather than project the display onto your hand it could project onto a more regular flat surface?


One thought on “Apple iPhone Concept: Should This be the Next Gen Handset?”

  1. anthony aaron says:

    This is merely a very small piece of technology previewed by Pranav Mistry, an MIT grad student, in November, 2009.

    Ever since I saw this demo almost a year ago, I hoped that Apple would be brilliant and creative enough to license it and expand upon it within their portfolio of hardware and software. If they are even close to bringing this to market — well, WM7 and Android can just slink into oblivion. This will absolutely blow away the competition for some time to come. And, the nice thing about it is that there are far more uses than as a wireless phone handset.

    This is an awesome technology — watch the video and be amazed …

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