CDMA iPhone Wanted in India, Apple in Talks

See now you didn’t really believe that Apple was working on a CDMA version of their iconic iPhone purely to deliver on the much talked about Verizon iPhone did you? Of course not although that would benefit quite a few over in the States if Apple did push out a Verizon iPhone.

However, according to an article over on Cult of Mac by Ed Sutherland and by way of the WSJ, the word is that Apple is deep in talks with at least two wireless carriers in India who wish to offer a CDMA iPhone to their customers.

Apparently the two known Indian wireless companies negotiating with Apple are Tata Teleservices Ltd and Reliance Communications Ltd and if successful would join the likes of Vodafone Essar Ltd and Bharti AirTel Ltd in being able to offer the iPhone in India.

Looking at the figures, India has 670 million mobile phone customers with 134 million of those using the CDMA network which means if Apple does deliver a CDMA iPhone to India there’s a potential 134 million more iPhone customers available, although currently there is no word on if or when Apple will introduce an Indian CDMA iPhone.

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