White iPhone 4, When Will Apple Release?

Way back when Apple released the iPhone 4 they also were expected to release a white version of the smartphone, and much to the annoyance of many, Apple has delayed and delayed releasing the white iPhone 4 to the mobile masses.

When Apple decided to delay the pale version of their iconic iPhone, Apple chief mouth, Steve Jobs announced in his usual manner that there are issues with manufacturing the white iPhone 4, but we can expect to see a release “later in the year.”

Well I’m fairly sure you all know the story of the white iPhone 4 delay, but one does have to say time is getting very short Mr Jobs, soon if Apple doesn’t release the white iPhone 4, that “later this year” will turn into early next year which is something most do not want.

Since Apple pulled the plug on the white iPhone 4 release there have been a few models surface with some claiming said white versions are fake, but they sure looked the real deal, and of course there are the DIY white iPhone 4 kits, which also seem to have not had an issue with getting hold of manufactured white parts.

With all the interest turning towards the Verizon iPhone, a CDMA iPhone and the iPhone 5 this distracts from that delayed white version. So what’s with the continued delay of the white iPhone 4 release, and shouldn’t Apple at least update everyone as to just how things are proceeding on the manufacturing front, surely they owe that to their loyal followers.

So what do our readers think, will the white iPhone 4 see release before the year is out or will it simply slip over into next year?


9 thoughts on “White iPhone 4, When Will Apple Release?”

    1. alana says:

      ugh no.the antenna is traditionally placed at the top of the phone, which is why brain tumors are a possibility. thats why jobs put them at the bottom of the phone, and has very openly decided not to fix the "issue". just get a case.

  1. Scott says:

    I'm finding it extremely difficult to believe that Apple can't change the color of the glass. My guess is that they're testing a new antenna or some sort of design change, but are trying to keep the look the same. The problem Apple is going to face is that fact that the iPhone 4 is already 1/3 through its shelf life. By December, it's 1/2 way. And December is only 2 months away… I've been ready for an update since December of 09, and I've been patiently waiting for this white iPhone 4. If it's not out this month, I'll wait for iPhone 5. Why buy a 6 month old phone, when you know in another 6 months, there will be something newer 😉

  2. Carl Tabet says:

    I totally agree that all these rumors about the iPhone 5, a CDMA iPhone and a Verizon iPhone are all distractions to the topic of the white iPhone 4 !
    This model has to come out before any of these and I think it's irresponsible from Apple to stop all communication about it. They owe us patient and loyal fans some kind of information, at least whether it will come soon or if it never will. They should have released it in June and it's October now… it's more than urgent for them to give us an update, it's becoming disrespectful to potential buyers.

  3. Jason says:

    I personally have been waiting for the white iPhone 4 since the original black iPhone 4 release. Apple is lucky I'm a dedicated iPhone fan, otherwise I'd have myself an Evo by now.

  4. shelby says:

    Since they've put it off this long, maybe they just figured they'd hold out until the Christmas shopping season. "Make it a white christmas with apple." The ads practically write themselves.

  5. I too have been waiting for the white iPhone 4 since announcement, and its all getting rather long in the tooth now, Apple should do the right thing, and hold a press conference about it at least.!

  6. KayKay says:

    Wait is over…………I decided to buy myself HTC Desire HD…..as that is new and iphone 4 is nearly 6 months old………n has issues as well as being quite about white iphone 4 means nothing is goin to change with apple as they are up there on butts ..

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