GreenPois0n Problems & Reviews: Jailbreak Site Now Live

All of you waiting for Greenposi0n will be happy to know the site has gone live, even LimeRa1n cannot kick the Chronic Dev Team down.

If you visit greenpois0n.com you will now see the logo that was stamped with ‘Delayed’ has gone, just a nice pure clean logo with Mac and Windows tabs underneath, just so you know there is no jailbreak for the Mac as of yet only Windows version is available.

LimeRa1n went live a few days ago that resulted in the Chronic Dev Team to delay Greenpois0n, but it did not take them long to get it all up and running.

Anyway we thought we would have a dedicated area for you to visit to send in all your problems and reviews, we want to know how you got on, if it worked for you and of course if you encountered any problems.

Please use the comments area provided below, be the first to set the ball rolling. Here is the LimeRa1n website


14 thoughts on “GreenPois0n Problems & Reviews: Jailbreak Site Now Live”

  1. marsh says:

    first off i am the first to post:) and second y is green poison not recognizing my ipod in dfu mode i trie like ten times i have an ipod 2g mc model so any help would be nice ps if there's a jb for that will work tell me o i am also on 4.1 newest

  2. Mr. Coldharbour says:

    greenpois0n jailbreak worked…..sort of. i have an iPhone3GS on 4.1 and Cydia + Loader are available. But Cydia doesnt work. Just says "Reorganising, will automatically close when done" then bOOM, resprings my device back to the lockscreen. Tried a reboot, several, hard reset, several. Nothing worked. Is there ANY way to fix this?? I tried SSH-ing to my iPhone to replace the broken Cydia with a new one from Saurik's website but it doesnt work since i dont have openSSH added from Cydia because Cydia itself is not working.

    anything will help. ANYTHING at all. and please dont tell me i have to restore….thanks.

  3. Jek says:

    I tried to use greenpoison but on the black screen, it said: …after 60000 ms!! Giving up. Now it dosent ever go off of the apple logo. I can restore it, but nomatter howmany tes I try, it dosent work.

  4. Coxxy says:

    I have the same probably as Jek. It worked great on one of my ipod touches. The other one gets the 60000 ms error and then I let it sit and it goes fine. But then after loading apps and such it begins freezing up on apple screen all the time. Think I am going to try limera1n on that one.

  5. Justin says:

    i jailbroke it using greenpois0n worked fine, but when i installed cydia, the icon was just a white square, thought it was weird but didnt mind it. then, when i tried to open it, it wouldnt open at all, just barely show then go back to my ipods home page..

    any answers on how i can fix this and use cydia? should i just try and jailbreak it again?

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