iPhone Maker Foxconn to Raise Manufacturing Costs

Times are hard and getting harder in the world of smartphone manufacturing, but keeping the cost down helps keep smartphone prices down so people can purchase them, but it appears that iPhone maker Foxconn has apparently started talking to its clients about raising manufacturing quotes.

According to an article over on DigiTimes, in response to Foxconn’s move, rivals such as Compal Communications and BYD are apparently offering lower quotes in the hopes of snatching orders from Foxconn clients that don’t want to accept Foxconn’s new higher quotes.

Apparently the reason for Foxconn’s increases is that according to sources the company is facing increased component and labour costs, and hopes that their clients will help burden some of the increase.

A spokesperson for Foxconn has apparently said that most of their clients have already accepted the new quotes however some clients are still in talks, and that most handset makers are in the same position facing increased component and labour costs.

Well as they say, all things go up in price eventually, but when it comes to smartphones such as the iPhone, just how much would you be willing to pay for the device?

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