Apple iPhone 4 Diamond Encrusted World’s Most Expensive

Time for the iPhone loving filthy rich to delve into their massively gross bank accounts again so they can own the world’s most expensive Apple iPhone 4 which definitely isn’t for us normal smartphone toting folk who could buy several houses for the asking price.

According to an article over on Engadget by Laura June and by way of Small World, Stuart Hughes has been at his customisation of the iPhone 4 once again slapping over five hundred flawless cut diamonds totalling over 100 karats onto the device.

This hugely expensive iPhone 4 is billed as the “world’s most expensive phone,” and comes in carrying a rather disgusting asking price of £5 million which is about $8 million, but the device does come in its special granite box.

The rear of the iPhone 4 is plated with rose gold and the logo has 53 diamonds while there are two interchangeable diamonds for the iPhone home button, one a 7.4ct pink diamond and the other an 8ct diamond which together cost a staggering £4 million.

Obviously designed for those who simply have more cash available than sense, as to be honest even if I had such wealth I wouldn’t purchase this iPhone as I’d be too scared to ever take it out and use it.

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