White iPhone 4: Reason Why Apple Hasn’t Released

Well still no signs of that rarer than rare white iPhone 4 seeing release from Apple, but we do keep seeing the odd white iPhone 4 pop up in the wild, such as with Brit celebrity Stephen Fry at the T3 awards, and now another white iPhone 4 has been spotted in the wild.

This time the white iPhone 4 was languishing in New York City at a press event and the eagle eyes of Pocket-lint managed to capture a couple of pictures of the elusive paler than pale version of Apple’s baby.

Apparently this guy had in his possession a white iPhone 4 so Pocket-lint not being happy with just the images asked the guy how he came by the device, and although the guy wanted to remain anonymous did part with a little info.

The guys said Apple HQ in Cupertino has loads of white iPhone 4 units and a friend had “fixed him up” with said white unit. The guys also gave a reason for the white iPhone 4 not being released yet, which is apparently that 2 Far East suppliers are struggling with the paint job and can’t get the white home button to exactly match the white front panel, although not knowing just who the guys is, it could be just his personal view on the matter.

However if true then Apple is holding back the release of the white iPhone 4 until that home button matches the front panel. So let’s hear from the public, do you really need the home button to match the front panel exactly or would you rather Apple just released the white iPhone 4 and be done with it?


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