White iPhone 4 Shown by Celebrity Stephen Fry: T3 Awards

During the T3 Gadgets Awards 2010 last night, Brit celebrity and UK treasure, Stephen Fry took to the podium and proceeded to speak on the launch of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 an event he had also attended, and after his words he slipped his hand into his pocket presumable to show off his Microsoft presented smartphone.

However apparently the T3 awards isn’t the place for a Windows Phone 7 device as Mr Fry pulled out his iPhone 4, but not just any old iPhone 4, he showed he was in possession of a very rare white iPhone 4, and Fry then looked surprised at said device as if it was a mistake.

Stephen quickly dropped his pretence though and taunting the audience announced that his white iPhone 4 was the “only one in Europe,” and then quickly returned said pale version of the iPhone 4 back to the safety of his pocket.

Does this mean that Stephen Fry has in his possession one of the first updated and ready to go white iPhone 4 units? If so does it suggest that maybe Apple is about to keep their word and actually release the white iPhone 4 for the holiday season?

Of course not getting a full on close up look at Mr Fry’s white iPhone 4, it could be a DIY version; having said that I find it hard to believe that celebrities would have to go with a fake rather than the real deal, and like Mr Fry said it is the only one in Europe so is more than likely a real honest to goodness white iPhone 4, aren’t you so jealous.

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