Apple iPhone 4: 3.9 Percent of Owners Report Cracked Glass

Obviously when making the decision to put glass panels on both surfaces of the iPhone 4, Apple was expecting a rise in cracked glass complaints, which has become evident with iPhone 4 Glassgate, and now there is some statistics on the iPhone 4 cracked glass situation.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz, the guys over at Square Trade have data which reveals that 3.9 percent of all iPhone 4 owners have reported cracked glass issues within the first 4 months.

When comparing the statistics with the previous version, the iPhone 3GS, the figures were 2.1 percent, and that 82 percent of all iPhone 4 accidents result in cracked glass while the iPhone 3GS was 76 percent.

Square Trade says “at least a quarter of the broken glass claims involved the back screen,” and concludes that “the iPhone 4 is significantly more prone to physical damage than its predecessor.”

Well yes it’s fairly obvious that if both sides of the iPhone 4 feature glass then the chances of one or both panels cracking increases. So have any of our readers suffered with a cracked glass panel with their iPhone 4?


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