Camera Camouflage iPhone App for Sneaky Pictures

I think maybe this particular iPhone app is for those who think they are a bit of a James Bond 007 with high tech covert camera operation. The Camera Camouflage app for iPhone enables the user to snap images without the subject knowing.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Christina Bonnington, and by way of the guys over at Cult of Mac, Camera Camouflage is a sneaky app for your iPhone that is voice activated and is seen as an iPhone call.

With Camera Camouflage for the iPhone the user can also set a ringtone to go off so that you can pretend to answer the call and the Camera Camouflage app will fire off a photo whenever the user starts speaking and will auto-save to the iPhone camera roll.

Furthermore if you use Camera Camouflage on your iPhone 4, the camera flash gets turned off by default so your unwitting subject doesn’t know you are taking that covert picture.

Just why anyone would feel the need to snap images without a persons knowledge I don’t know, and I’m not too sure if it is fully legal to do so, so make sure if you do capture some inappropriate pictures not to post them to Facebook and the like. You can gain Camera Camouflage for the iPhone for $1 from iTunes.

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