Verizon iPad Coming Soon: What about iPhone?

Verizon Wireless isn’t averse to offering Apple gear, in fact the Big Red is about to offer its customers the Apple iPad and apparently will begin selling the iPad in Verizon stores quite soon, but what about the Verizon iPhone?

According to an article over on Ocala by Miguel Helft, Apple has now announced that Verizon will start selling the iPad as of the 28th of this month although apparently the Big Red will not be offering 3G enabled iPad units.
Rather than sell the 3G version, Verizon will bundle the Apple iPad WiFi version with their own MiFi hotspot device, and said bundles will command a price of $630 for the 16GB version and $730 for the 32GB version while the 64GB version costs $830.

Verizon will also apparently offer all 3 versions of the Apple iPad as a standalone option, and also offer customers a $20 a month access plan for iPad customers with up to 1GB of data.

All well and good, but what about the Verizon iPhone, rumour has it the CDMA version of the iconic iPhone may hit Verizon in March, others say early next year. But if Verizon can deliver the iPad right now why can’t Apple deliver the iPhone to the Big Red say before Christmas as I’m fairly sure it would definitely sell like hot cakes during the festive season.

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