Nokia N8: How to Gain Swype

If you have the latest flagship smartphone out of the Nokia camp, the Symbian^3 toting Nokia N8 handset, you are probably aware that the Nokia N8 on screen keyboard doesn’t actually support Swype. As seen in a video I posted earlier (here) Swype does make text input a whole lot faster.

However you can actually get Swype onto your Nokia N8 although in a roundabout way. The guys over at Nokia Mobile Blog have come up with a “how to download Swype to your Nokia N8” guide and it goes like this…

First off you need to point your Nokia N8 at store.ovi.mobi, but rather than select the Nokia N8 as your device you need to select the Nokia C7. Once selected the Nokia C7 you then need to select “send to friend,” and basically send the link to yourself. After which you should receive an SMS containing the link to Swype.

Once you have downloaded Swype to your Nokia N8/Nokia C7 impersonator, install Swype and then reboot the device and Swype should now be on your Nokia N8. Just one small problem though, it only works in landscape and not portrait mode.

So if you want Swype on your Nokia N8 smartphone give it a go and see how you get on, and feel free to let us know if all goes okay.

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