Apple Q4 2010 Shares, Stocks and Results

In a conference call today Apple revealed its Q4 financial results after the markets closed, below we will give you a few details about the results, shares and stocks, plus a little bit of news.

CEO Steve Jobs and CFO Peter Oppenheimer talked about sales and Apple’s earnings figures, here is some information that might interest you; the iPad will be coming to Verizon, Numerous Fortune 500 companies are adding the iPhone and iPad to their approved device lists, Apple is hoping to open 40 to 50 stores in 2011, with 50% international if all goes to plan.

Steve Jobs mentioned a few words on RIM saying that they will face a tough road ahead for the BlackBerry, talking about Android Steve Jobs sucker punched Google by saying “Open systems don’t always win.” He rather than closed vs. open how about integrated vs. fragmented.

Many tablets being released are 7-inches whereas the iPad is 10-inches, for more in depth information please visit macgasm.

The Numbers: 4.19 million iPads sold this quarter, 14.1 million iPhones sold this quarter, 40 million this year, $5.7 billion in cash flow, $51 billion in cash on hand, 3.89 million Macs sold this quarter (a 27% increase over a year ago quarter), $20 billion in revenue for Q4, Gross Profit Margin was 36.9 percent and $4.31 billion net quarterly profit.

A massive $18.86 billion in revenue for the quarter with stock closing at $318 fell in after market trading.

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