Cut the Rope vs Angry Birds: What Game is more addictive?

Cut the Rope and Angry Birds are the two most popular games people are downloading onto there phones, so much so that Angry Birds for Android as hit the 1 million download mark and the iPhone much more.

Cut the Rope is also a very addictive game that has smashed the download list, we will not go into statistics but would like to ask you what is the most addictive game out of the two mentioned.

Angry Birds is a game that I personally play on the Apple iPhone and as so do a few of my friends, some play on the iPhone and some play using their Android smartphones, we also play cut the rope but do prefer Angry Birds, but this is choice of interest.

Angry Birds is a game where you try to take out the green pigs who stole the birds eggs, in a nutshell the pigs are barricaded behind structures and you have to squash them by firing the birds of a catapult to destroy the pigs, basically a game of destruction.

Angry Birds has 195 levels and you have to use skill and logic to destroy the pigs, main features include: Many levels, achievements, leader boards, Facebook and Twitter integration, many different birds with unique flying power.

Cut the Rope is another addictive game where you need to “Cut the Rope” (Pretty Obvious) to get the candy into the creatures mouth, this game is not as easy as it sounds. You need to use skill, logic and physics to win in this game.

Please look at our poll question below and answer by ticking the appropriate box, love to see what the most addictive smartphone game is.

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10 thoughts on “Cut the Rope vs Angry Birds: What Game is more addictive?”

  1. Jack Graham says:

    Well, the thing is, angry birds is really really hard to get 3 stars, and isn’t worth it. It’s not addicting, just tedious.
    Cut the Rope is far, far better. The three stars are a physical thing you collect, not something you don’t really know how to achieve. Plus, Cut the Rope hasn’t yet gone overboard. (Angry Birds Rio… seriously?)

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