iPhone 4 Protective Metal Case – Bevelled Black Cover

As you probably know, the iPhone 4 features glass on both the front and rear faces, and recently there have been a few reports of the back glass shattering, this issue has been put down to the use of slide on iPhone cases enabling particle to get trapped.

This all make the iPhone 4 extremely fragile as one would expect having glass on both surfaces; however there is a solution and that is swapping out the rear glass panel and replacing with a metal cover. Whitson Gordon of Gizmodo has come across such a metal back cover for the iPhone 4 which isn’t too expensive.

The bevelled metal back cover for the iPhone 4 can protect your device without the bulk of a slide on case and as the title says features a bevelled edge which makes it more attractive while not having the worry of Glassgate.

The bevelled metal back cover for the iPhone 4 can be purchased from Cellular Nationwide Network at a very reasonable $12.99, available in black and silver and is apparently very ease to fit as all it takes is a touch of unscrewing and does add a certain class rather than glass to your iPhone 4.

So if your are hoping to avoid the iPhone 4 Glassgate issue perhaps you should consider going with a protective replacement, and if you do feel free to let us know by posting us a comment.

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