New Droid X SE Destined for Verizon?

Well now, what do we have here, it looks like there’s a new version of the Motorola Droid X on the horizon which could possibly be destined for the Big Red, and is called the Motorola Droid X SE smartphone.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, the guys over at Phone Arena were sent an image of the new Motorola device, which loses the Droid X black bezel and now has a silver bezel, so that SE could mean “Special Edition” or “Silver Edition.”

Rumour has it that this Droid X SE version will sport the same 1.2 GHz processor as the Droid 2 Global, but other than that no much is know about the new Droid X SE handset, but no doubt the device will sport numerous features found in the Droid X.

Obviously with leaked images of this kind, nothing has been clarified and thus should be taken purely as speculations until more evidence surfaces. One more thing to note is that with the supposed Droid X SE, the Verizon logo looks to have been moved from centre as on the Droid X to the bottom right hand corner; more on this as and when it surfaces.

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