HTC 7 Pro Microsoft Windows Phone Intro Video

Another Windows Phone 7 smartphone gets a video introduction today in the form of the HTC 7 Pro handset, and of course we have said video for your viewing pleasure below although the video only lasts 21 seconds.

The HTC 7 Pro introduction video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and delivers an ultra-quick look at what the HTC 7 Pro handset can do.

In the HTC 7 Pro video we get to see that dedicated QWERTY keyboard with what is said to have the “perfectly angled display,” and that the HTC 7 Pro helps to get things done fast.

Other than that not a lot to been seen in this video, but if you are a QWERTY fan on the lookout for a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device then this smartphone could be right up your street, so head on down and check it out…enjoy.


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