Orange HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone Wont Have HD Voice?

As you my be aware over here in the United Kingdom, Orange UK has said that the Windows Phone 7 toting Samsung Omnia 7 smartphone would gain HD voice on their network, so one would presume that Orange UK would deliver HD voice to other WP7 handsets on their network right?

Wrong, apparently the guys over at Slash Gear have been in contact with HTC and asked if the HTC 7 Mozart handset would also gain Orange HD voice, but it appears those who purchase the HTC 7 Mozart will be disappointed.

Apparently HTC explained that there are “no plans” to deliver HD voice to their Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device, so it looks like the HTC 7 Mozart will simply have to get along with ordinary voice quality.

Orange HD voice is currently only available to several Nokia devices and the Samsung Omnia Pro, so if you are an Orange UK customer will not getting HD voice put you off purchasing the HTC 7 Mozart? Fell free to let us know by posting us a comment below.

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