Apple Lion Pride iPhone Game App Update

If you have what it takes to play Lion Pride on the Apple iPhone then get downloading because this is a highly addictive game.

Lion Pride is very fast indeed and lets you control lions, which stalk their territory and ambush prey, the lions will hunt down Cape buffalo, warthog, zebra and gazelle but you must fend off predatory hyenas so that you can get the food back to your cubs.

Main Game Features Include: Use intuitive touch gestures to control up to four lions, Protect your cubs from Hyenas in Night Mode, Strategically position your lions to stalk and attack four kinds of prey, Learn fun facts about all of the Lion Pride animals, Ramp up the challenge over 16 levels, Challenge other players to beat your best score, See how long you last in Survival Mode and you can see how you stack up against other players via the Online Scoreboard.

The game had an update this month, which now includes added access to the Playhaven mobile games network, some minor bug fixes and optimizations have been implemented.

For more information and option to download please visit iTunes, if you already have this game installed on your iPhone please send in your personal reviews. Thanks, check out more iPhone apps here

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