Apple Earnings, Stocks and Shares Surprise: Discussions

The financial wheels of big business churn on with the latest financial figures out of the Apple camp as they revealed their fourth quarter financial results which, of course speaks of huge cash sums in the billions as expected.

Naturally the iPhone and iPad contributed greatly to the Apple coffers with the figures showing that in the quarter 14.1 million iPhone handset and 4.19 iPad units and 3.9 million Mac’s were sold, that’s a lot of Apple tech being purchased.

Cash wise Apple saw $5.7 billion cash flow, $51 billion cash on hand; $20 billion in Q4 revenue and $4.31 billion in net profit, which by anyone’s books has got to be good when taking those kinds of figures, you can check out the figures and more at this (post)

So what do our readers think about Apple’s Q4 results? Do you think Apple would have done much better if they had released the white iPhone 4? Perhaps you think Apple figures would have been boosted tremendously if they had delivered the Verizon iPhone.

Maybe you believe these figures have been held back a bit by the iPhone 4 antennagate issue. Whatever your views we’d like to hear them, and you can do so by posting to our comments area below.

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