White iPhone 4 Handsets About When Will Apple Release?

And so the wait for the extremely elusive white iPhone 4 continues on even though there have been a few already out and about in the wild such as the one Stephen Fry brandished during the T3 awards, like several that have been seen on video.

So if Apple has managed to get at least even one white iPhone 4 ready paint wise as evidenced with Stephen Fry, it proves that the whatever paint issue Apple suppliers have been facing must have been rectified right?

I mean if they can get one iPhone 4 to match the white paint then surely they should be able to product the same for the mass market. So just why is Apple holding off releasing the whiter than white version of their iconic handset?

Could it be that Apple is simply waiting for the festive season so they can grab as many potential sales as possible, or maybe Steve Jobs wants to play Santa to all the patiently waiting white iPhone 4 fans? Whatever the reason it’s about time Apple finally released the white iPhone 4 to the public.

Do you think it’s time for Apple to stop holding back release of the white iPhone 4 and simply get it out to the waiting fans?

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