iPhone n iPad Beat it Twitter Homage : Video

It seems people will turn Apple gear such as the iPhone and iPad to any use these days, such as using them in a spoof video of Michael Jackson’s Beat it aptly renamed Tweet it, all in the name of fun and homage to the social networking site of course.

Naturally we have said video for your viewing pleasure below which comes our way courtesy of Daily iPhone Blog which lasts just over four and a half minutes of Michael Jackson’s hit Beat it being put to use as Tweet it in an iPhone and iPad face off.

Actually this spoof is done rather well even though the Michael Jackson look-a-like doesn’t really resemble the super star king of pop, but the dancing isn’t far off so is quite entertaining.

So all you need to do now if you are an iPhone fan or iPad fan or even a Michael Jackson fan is head on down and punch that play button and check it out, and feel free to let us know what you think about Tweet it…enjoy.

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