Apple Mac Event 2010 Announcements: iPhone Poll & Discussions

The Apple Mac Event is tomorrow October 2010 and we are all wondering what they will be announcing, wonder if they will announce the new Verizon iPhone and of course the long awaited white iPhone 4.

Will there be talks about new MacBooks, new software and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, or what about a new iPad or some accessories for it, we are about phones and we will stick with that for now.

We would love for you to start the discussion off in our comments area below of what you think will be the limelight at the Apple Mac Event, anything you wish to talk about please do so.

We have also put a poll together for you asking you a simple question about the iPhone 4 in white and of course the Verizon iPhone, wonder if these will get a mention tomorrow. We will bring you all the hot news as soon as the event kicks off (Obviously surrounding phones only).

[poll id=”225″]


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