White iPhone 4 Sports New Antenna Makeover?

Remember that white iPhone 4 that was seen in New York not too long ago? Well apparently on taking a real close look at the aforementioned white iPhone 4 it apparently looks as if the smartphones antenna has been redesigned.

According to an article over on Fonehome by Andrew and by way of the guys over at Pocket-lint, on closer inspection of the image they say it looks like the much sought after device now sports an antenna that sits in a different position.

This is shown by that black line which is apparently the cause of all that antennagate commotion at the left hand bottom corner of the iPhone 4 is now placed on the right hand side and further up above the iPhone 4 SIM slot.

So, has the white iPhone 4 seen an antenna makeover, or is there some other explanation? Apparently Pocket-lint has updated their post and says it does look like it could be an Invisible Shield casing, so what do you think, a case or a new redesigned antenna; let us know your views by posting a comment below…many thanks.


2 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Sports New Antenna Makeover?”

  1. mcpaynter says:

    I personally think that the antenna will never get re-designed. I live in the UK and cant think of a single person with an iPhone that has signal problems with.without a case. Even when i cover the bottom left corner the signal drop off is very minor. Although in the UK Iphone is available on pretty much every major network provider…o2, T Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, 3. Maybe its just a US AT&T thing?

    on that basis i cant see them changing it at great expense and only applying it to the white model.

  2. Mbw says:

    The antenna problems were to do with the other side of the iphone 4 (bottom left as you look at the front). The magnified part of your photo is where the sim tray is located. My black Iphone 4 looked much the same as the photo (but of course black) when I had the SGP iphone 4 full body protector on as it has a part that allows access to the sim tray without having to remove the protector. Check out the SGP website for diagrams of the full body protector…case closed