Toshiba Regza ISO4 Android Phone Packs 12MP Camera

The Japanese smartphone market will be seeing three new Android smartphones sometime in December announced KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company and the three handsets will be the Regza ISO4, Regza ISO5 and the SIRIUSα ISO6.

Now according to an article over on Pocket Now by Anton D. Nagy, and by way of KDDI, we have a few details on one of those devices, namely the Toshiba manufactured Regza ISO4, which apparently will sport a nice 12 megapixel snapper.

The Toshiba Regza ISO4 will apparently run the Android 2.1 Éclair OS, a 4 inch FWVGA touch screen, and be powered by a 1GHZ Snapdragon process.

Although a 12MP camera is cool on an Android device it isn’t the highest MP snapper thus far as during CommunicAsia 2010 the Android based Altek Leo was showcased sporting a 14 megapixel camera.

Don’t go getting you hope up though as apparently the Regza ISO4 isn’t going outside Japan as it comes with functions and features common to Japan like Osaifu-Keitai and one-segment TV broadcasting. That said would you like to see an Android device sporting a 12 or 14 megapixel over here in the west?


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