Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Google, HTC All In The Suing Game

The smartphone space is alight with the legal battles of smartphone makers across the globe it would appear as virtually everyone in the mobile space is involved in some form of legal suit one way or another most of which are very big names in the mobile world.

What we have here courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Information is beautiful, is an graphof who is suing who in the mobile space, and apparently said graphic has been based on diagrams from both the Guardian and the New York Times.

According to the graph, it would appear that at the middle of these legal battles are Nokia, Apple and Kodak, while at the edges sits such makers as Samsung, LG, Research In Motion, Google, HTC, Motorola, and Microsoft.

When you consider it there must be one hell of a lot of money wasted on taking the legal route with mobile phone companies, money that could be better spent of design an innovation, and no doubt the final bill of the suing game will be enormous.


2 thoughts on “Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Google, HTC All In The Suing Game”

  1. stonee says:

    Nokia is the leader of mobile market. With the development of smartphone, apple will surpass the Nokia via the series of iphone. Furthermore, they are converging on the multituoch screen which can be used to watch moives with the help of video converter and dvd ripper(reffering to content provider ), such as ifuina, handbrake, so they maybe sue for it.

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