Samsung Omnia 7 T-Mobile UK Pre-Order and Tariffs

T-Mobile UK is launching the new Samsung Omnia 7 (Windows Phone 7) and is now ready for you to pre-order your smartphone, shipping time will be around about 10 days.

For £35 per month on a 24-month contract you can have the Windows Phone 7 handset with 900 minutes of talk and 500 texts along with unlimited Internet, is this a little too expensive or do you find this tariff reasonable?

If you pay £300 for the Omnia 7 and £10 per month you will get 100 minutes and 100 texts but you do not get unlimited Internet.

There are a few other tariffs available that you can read about via T-Mobile UK, all you need to do is pick your desired tariff and follow the on screen instructions. Please let us know if you will be purchasing the new Samsung Omnia 7 smartphone.

Source — BGR via Gadget Venue


2 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia 7 T-Mobile UK Pre-Order and Tariffs”

  1. John West says:

    i will never Purchase a phone that looks or feel like the iPhone, and this phone Samsung is just so terrible
    LG and Samsung should stay in the washing machine business
    PS for those who want to wait till the prices of the HTC goes down; they can go for NOKIA X3 phone, its amazing.
    NOKIA can make the best phone if they make a larger X3 phone without the Keyboard while keepin it slim.
    and no sambian

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