AT&T Raises Off Contract Phone Prices

A while ago AT&T jacked up their early upgrade fee to $200 a pop which wasn’t good news for Big Blue customers, but apparently AT&T isn’t happy with just that and wants more out of the customers wallets when it comes to purchasing off contract smartphones.

According to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler, AT&T in-store displays which are valid up until ending the 6th of November, several smartphones show off contract prices which are $100 to $150 higher than before.

Some of the upped price smartphones include the HTC Aria which was $329.99 and is now $429.99, the Palm Pre Plus was $299.99 and now $399.99, Sony Ericsson Vivaz was $279.99 and now $429.99, Motorola Backflip was $249.99 and now $349.99 and the Palm Pixi Plus was $229.99 and is now $379.99.

Of course there are other Big Blue smartphones which have remained unchanged. The reason for the price increases is apparently to make sure the early upgrade price remains less or equal to the off contract price; however it still means anyone wanting an off contract handset from AT&T will have to shell out more.


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