Verizon iPhone aka N92 Photos: Fake or Real?

Everyone is wondering if the Verizon iPhone will ever be released and many questions and reports of leaks fly in left, right and center, but could this be solid evidence that the Verizon iPhone is coming?

We never say ‘Solid Evidence’ until Apple or Verizon sends us official information but looking over at Richy Rich it seems possible that it could all be true, the site shows photos of the Verizon iPhone N92 Prototype.

The source above claims that these exclusive photos are the upcoming Verizon iPhone and looking at the pictures ourselves it does look the same as the iPhone 4.

If you look at the photos you can clearly see ‘N92 DVT’ stamped on the back of the handset (DVT = Design Verification Test), this means it is at the final test stages, these images were obtained from a repair shop in Vietnam.

Do you think this could be the Verizon iPhone, are the photos fake or real? Please answer by ticking the appropriate box below on our poll system; please do throw all comments below as well.

Source – Redmond Pie

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