Flushed Mobile Phone Leads To Man Trapped in Loo: Video

Yes I had to smile at the particular video we have for your viewing pleasure today, as you don’t often here of this sort of mishap with a mobile phone and involves a toilet so let’s face it even though it probably wasn’t funny at the time to the guy it is kind’a funny.

The aforementioned video comes our way courtesy of Vlad Savov, of Engadget and by way of China News, and lasts just over the minute mark and is obviously a Chinese news item so the commentary is in Chinese, but really you don’t need to understand the language to get the gist of what’s going on.

The thing is this guy wasn’t just stuck in a bathroom; his arm was actually lodged down the toilet due to trying to retrieve his dropped mobile phone. One does have to wonder if he flushed before doing it as otherwise it doesn’t bare thinking about, but he must have been very desperate to get his phone back.

Luckily the guy who is from the Jiangsu Province in China was rescued by emergency services with only minor cuts and bruises, but as this video made the news probably quite a bit of embarrassment as well.

Head on down and mash the play button to check it out, and the big question is…would you shove your arm down the toilet to get your smartphone back?

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