Moog Music iPhone App: Filtatron Powerful Studio

If you are into music then you would know Moog very well, but if you do not then let us tell you about Moog Filtatron iPhone app that will blow you away.

This is a MUST have app and for only £2.99 trust me when I say it is very cheap indeed because a standalone Moog system will cost you hundreds, this app will give you real sounds like the real thing and turns your iPhone into the perfect studio tool.

Main features Include: FILTER – Four pole with Lowpass and Highpass modes and adjustable cutoff, resonance, separation and mix parameters. OSCILLATOR — A high-resolution, alias-free DSP oscillator with sawtooth and square waveforms, adjustable frequency from 0.3 Hz to 2kHz. ENVELOPE FOLLOWER — Uses the volume envelope of sound inputs to sweep the filter, with controls for amount and speed. FX MODULES — Amp provides warm, smooth overdrive with feedback control. Delay can be modulated by its own LFO (with rate and depth controls) and delay time is smoothly interpolated for analog-style delay time tweaks. LFO — Five waveforms: sine, ramp, sawtooth, square, sample & hold, with crossfade and morph between adjacent LFO shapes.

Not only that you also file share, which basically means you can move your audio files back and forth between the Filtatron and your computer, you can also copy and paste.

For more information and option to buy this app please visit iTunes as you will not be disappointed, please do send in your reviews if you have this app installed. Scroll down a little and watch the video for a little insight.

Source — Engadget

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