Samsung Mobile Picocell Launched by Verizon

For Verizon Wireless customers that live in locations where there is a lot of structural interference to their Verizon 3G reception, Verizon Wireless has now come up with a solution to that problem and has launched their 3G Network Extender.

According to an article over on Telecompaper, the Verizon 3G Network Extender is a picocell that has been developed by Samsung Mobile and will enhance the signal of Verizon customers mobile phones.

Apparently the Verizon 3G Network Extender routes calls and data over the user home broadband connection to boost connectivity, and the Big Red has said that the Extender delivers coverage over a 40 foot radius and is just the size of a home router.

The Verizon 3G Network Extender enables up to 6 users to use the device at the same time with no extra subscriptions or service fees. The new Verizon 3G Network extender is to replace the original extender and can be purchased via telesales or online for a price of $249.99.

Seems reasonable if you are suffering interference with your 3G network when using your smartphone, so if you purchase one of these feel free to drop us a line to let us no if it does what its intended to do or not.

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