Tricks and Guides for the Symbian^3 Nokia N8

The new Symbian^3 device from the Nokia camp, the Nokia flagship handset the Nokia N8 although looks to be a nice looking device, it’s operating system does resemble the earlier Symbian^1 version, the reason being Nokia didn’t have enough time to begin the new operating system from scratch.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Cosim Vasile, Nokia engineers actually worked on Symbian^1 and just added extra features along with some enhancements which delivered extra eye candy and made the OS faster.

With Symbian^3 using a capacitive touch screen along came a few functionality improvements such as no need for certain steps to access certain settings, although some settings have been changed and the user will need to gain a little knowledge on Symbian^3 over time.

One change is how the user can uninstall 3rd-party application and comparing the process with Symbian^1 it has improved, so to uninstall an app from your Nokia N8 you go to the App Manager and click the Installed app option and a long/short list of apps will appear.

You don’t need to click an app that you want to uninstall or click options menu to locate the uninstall option, all you do is tap and hold the required app and up pops a quick menu with uninstall option, but do not click the Options menu as the Uninstall will no long appear.

Another little guide that has improved the OS functionality is apparently the selection of your Internet access point, so if you have multiple access points, prioritising one of them is somewhat difficult, so here how to get round that…

You click Settings, go to Connectivity where you’ll locate the Access points menu, now with Symbian^1 you’d have to select one access point and click options-organise-change priority, but with the Nokia N8 and Symbian^3 all you do now is tap and click on the connection that use wish to use by default then from the quick menu choose Priority and job done.

So there’s a could of differences between Symbian^1 and the Nokia N8 Symbiab^3, so give them a go, and if you happen to have any guides or tricks you use yourself then feel free to share them in our comments area below.


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