YouTube Promotes Nokia N8 on Main Page

Well if you are going to heavily promote your latest flagship smartphone why not do so on one of the world’s most visited websites? Which appears to be the case with the latest Symbian^3 device from Nokia, the Nokia N8.

According to an article over on My Nokia Blog by Jay Montano, the hugely popular video sharing website YouTube is sporting a rather large advert for the Nokia N8 on its front page, which means anyone visiting YouTube will undoubtedly see the advert.

You can’t really miss the Nokia N8 advert as it’s so in your face as soon as you open the YouTube website, well the UK version anyway, but I have a feeling other countries YouTube pages will show the same, so if any of our readers outside the UK come across the ad let us know.

Have to say though it looks to be quite a smart promoting move by Nokia to slap their number one smartphone right at the top of a website that has millions of users every day don’t you think?

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