Angry Birds How To List: Unlock Locked Worlds (Android)

Have you got Angry Birds on your Android device? Well if you have we have another installment on how to unlock locked worlds for you.

We provided you a video earlier today on how to do the unlock and we decided we would put that in list format for you to explain it as well, yes there is a bug in the system that can unlock unlocked worlds you CHEATS.

Personally I prefer to play Angry Birds the correct way until completed but there are many of you that would like to know what the other worlds have to offer, we found via Android Police that a user called braaaiins a reddit user as found the above possible.

Got to admit we tried this out on the Apple iPhone 4 and it does NOT work, oh you Android boys and girls are so lucky. If anyone know an unlock for the iPhone then please step forward.

Here It Is Baby:

1. Load up Angry Birds and go to the world select screen.
2. Centre a locked world on the screen.
3. Push back button all the way out of Angry Birds.
4. Load Angry Birds back up and when the “Play” button appears tap the hell out of it.
5. Great success! You should be inside the locked worlds stage select screen.
6. To keep it unlocked just pass the first world level of each world.

Please do let us know how you get on, have fun, enjoy and please come back and comment.


4 thoughts on “Angry Birds How To List: Unlock Locked Worlds (Android)”

  1. The level doesn't stay unlock unless you beat the first level of it . So warning if you want to keep it lock don't beat the first level of the lock board.

    So Yes the cheat works : ( kinda hope it didn't

    What seems to trigger it is the number of taps u do when you load it up again

    I tried it without loading it up it wouldn't work

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