A Dozen Nokia N8 Official How To Videos

If you own or are thinking about picking up the Symbian^3 Nokia flagship device, the Nokia N8, but aren’t too sure how to work the device, what we have for Nokia N8 fans today is no less than a dozen Nokia N8 support videos for your viewing pleasure.

These twelve Nokia N8 how to videos come our way courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog, and cover such stuff as how to insert the memory card, how to use the touch screen, how to make a call, how to make a video call and so on.

All fairly basic and simple stuff but I guess some people must have some kind of difficulty with this type of thing otherwise there would be no need for the support videos right?

Anyway if you are having a bit of difficulty with your Nokia N8 head on down and check these twelve support videos, none of which lasts over two minutes so viewing time should be about 30 minutes tops…enjoy

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