iPhone 4 Can Call FaceTime for Mac: Public Beta

Apple has released a brand new public beta called FaceTime for Mac; yes this will enable Mac users to call approx 19-million iPhone 4 & iPod touch users across the world.

At present you can only FaceTime Call between iPhone and iPod Touch devices, well not anymore because it has come to the Mac. Mac users can call these devices as well as call other Mac users.

FaceTime for Mac is very good by the looks of things, it will use your Address Book contacts automatically to create special buddy lists, it works very well indeed with the Mac’s mic and built-in camera, it will work on Mac notebooks, iMac and Apple LED Cinema Displays.

The new FaceTime for Mac does need Mac OS X Snow Leopard and an Apple ID; you can download the public beta by visiting www.apple.com/mac/facetime.

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Source – MacDailyNews


One thought on “iPhone 4 Can Call FaceTime for Mac: Public Beta”

  1. I just installed Facetime on Mac system and I like it,,..
    One good feature is you can add many Email address which will be used to call you ….
    Wohoo…I love it….If Mac release Facetime for Windows, It will be amazing..
    Best paRT I made a free phone call to my friend in U.S using iPhone4 via Facetime…

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