iPhone, Android, Symbian Angry Birds Publisher to be Acquired by EA

Anything that becomes successful often draws the attention of the big guns of business, and the same goes for the mobile phone gaming arena. You are probably aware that Rovio’s Angry Birds multi-platform mobile game which is on the iPhone, Symbian and Android has become hugely popular.

Thus according to an article over on Daily Mobile, by way of Reuters, Electronic Arts have taken an interest in the Angry Birds publisher Chillingo, so much so that they are acquiring Chillingo, and a spokeswoman for EA has confirmed the acquisition.

Apparently a “close source” to the deal has told Reuters that Electronic Arts will shell out under $20 million in cash along with other “undisclosed considerations.”

However, the EA spokeswoman also stated that EA will not get any intellectual property right to Angry Birds as that will stay with Rovio.

Kaufman Bros analyst Todd Mitchell has said, “I’m kind of wondering what they bought. But in light of EA not getting the IP, they’re buying the development platform to put their own IP on it in hopes of driving social networking and customers back to their own properties.”

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