iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch to Gain HTMI Adapter

If you own an Apple iOS device and have always wanted to output 720p video to your HD TV HDMI inputs you may like to know that apparently it is now possible to do so via a new HTMI adapter from China based accessory maker Noosy.

According to an article over on TiPb and by way of the guys over at TUAW, Noosy have posted an HTMI adapter on their website which is for the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

The new adapter would enable iOS device users to output their 720p video direct to the HDMI inputs on their HD TV rather than using Apple component A/V cables at $50 a pop.

Although as the TiPb article says it does remain to be seen how the HTMI adapter will handle copy protected gear that needs HDCP, but if they’re just converting the analogue component out to HDMI there shouldn’t be any issues.

Unfortunately though there hasn’t been any pricing or availability date announced on when you can actually purchase the device. Is this new HDMI adapter of any interest to our iOS device toting readers?


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