Samsung Phone/TV Hybrid Media Platform In The Making?

The word going round is that Samsung Electronic is apparently developing a media platform the will be for use on both Samsung mobile phones and Samsung televisions. Apparently the idea is to attract a wider audience for Samsung products.

According to an article over on Akihabara News by way of Reuters, there’s no word on an estimated release dat for the new Samsung media platform, however other companies are positioning themselves to take a leaf out of the Samsung book and do the same, such as Sony via Sony Ericsson, and LG.

The vice president at Samsung’s Visual Display Division, Kyungsik Kevin Lee, has told Reuters during an interview, “We have a plan to have a single platform for Samsung TV and phones.”

CCS Insight analyst John Jackson has said, “There is a small number of companies positioned to do this, of course, and all have holes in their stories, whether geographically, in product terms, or in terms of engaging developer communities.”

So there you go, Sammy’s looking to make a single platform to run on both their mobile phones and televisions, what do our readers think of this scheme, good idea or bad?

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