Nostalgic Motorola StarTAC Re-released in Bright Yellow

If you are a bit of a lover of old low end mobile phones and want something quite authentic from say around 1996 then the Motorola StarTAC may be what you are looking for as apparently French company Lekki is running an interesting promotion.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, the French firm is reissuing a vintage mobile phone every month which will come in a new bright colour, as you can see the Motorola StarTAC is certainly bright to say the least.

Probably for those that have a fondness for nostalgia, the Motorola StarTAC is this month’s re-release from Lekki and commands a price tag of $150.

Of course if you purchase the Motorola StarTAC you will of course be getting 1996 features so don’t go expecting the device to be as good as today’s smartphones, but if you do purchase the handset you wouldn’t be buying it for that would you. Anyone for a piece of Motorola’s past?

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