Apple iPhone 6 Concept: What Do You Think?

Yes I am well aware the smartphone arena is very much still awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, along with the Verizon iPhone, and of course the much delayed white iPhone 4, but it’s never too early to look into the future, right?

So with that in mind what we have here from Ubergizmo, by way of The Design Blog is an iPhone 6 concept for your consideration. The designer of the iPhone 6 concept had maintained the single button simplicity as with all iPhone models, but it does appear to be somewhat more rugged and wider than previous iPhone handsets.

Judging by the image it looks like the iPhone 6 concept has managed to solve the antennagate issues of the iPhone 4 as it does state “external antennas (no more death grip)” and there appears to be a docking station included with this design featuring a solar panel.

So what do our readers think of this iPhone 6 concept design? Does it look good enough or do you have something else in mind? Is it smart looking or crap? Feel free to voice your opinion in our comments area below.


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