Chilean Miners Received Messages via Samsung Galaxy Beam

Obviously unless you have been living on the moon recently you’ll have heard all about the rescue of the trapped Chilean miners in the news, well all over the news worldwide to be precise, but it appears those miners received a little encouragement from a certain smartphone whilst trapped.

According to an article over on Engadget by Tim Stevens and by way of The Chosunilbo, it had come to light that a “message of encouragement” from Chile’s Mining Minister along with a Chile and Ukraine exhibition football match where beamed down to the trapped miners by a Samsung Galaxy Beam Android projector smartphone.

Apparently previous word was that said message and football match was beamed down by fibre optics, but apparently it was the Samsung Galaxy Beam all along.

Just goes to show just how handle today’s smartphone devices can be in times of disaster doesn’t it, of course being that far underground a 6 lumen pico projector phone is adequately bright enough, score one for the Samsung Beam.

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