Nokia N900 Playing Nice with WebOS Games: Video

It appears that a clever spark has found of that the specifications of the Nokia N900 are somewhat similar to the Palm Pre smartphone and that both devices run SDL 1.2, which apparently means they should be capable of running unmodified webOS binaries.

Anyway according to an article over on Mobile Crunch by Simon Chester and by way of My Nokia Blog, clever stick YouTube user fukywak, has come up with a video of the Nokia N900 running Need for Speed and Sims 3 without the necessity to boot into a webOS emulator.

Of course we have that video for your viewing pleasure below which lasts just over five minutes of showing the Nokia N900 smartphone running the webOS mobile games. Although apparently if you want to try this out on your Nokia N900 you’ll need to choose non-multitouch games and the N900 doesn’t support multitouch.

Apparently if you want to give it a go there are some details on how to do so right here, however apparently the site keeps dropping out, but before you do, check out the Nokia N900 running webOS games below…enjoy.

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