Verizon iPhone: Big Red Hires Hundreds in Preparation for Launch?

Yes folks more on that every in the mobile rumour space, the Verizon iPhone as apparently the Big Red is taking hundreds of call centre staff in preparation for the arrival of the much hyped CDMA iPhone for Verizon claims a report.

According to an article over on Apple Insider by Josh Ong, Cnet is reporting that customer service call centre staffing firms Ryla and Teleperformance are on the lookout for thousands of customer service reps that will take calls for a “major wireless cell phone service retailer.”

Apparently posts to the companies websites and to the Careerbuilder website state that the positions will be dedicated to “either a wireless cell phone or communications company,” and there are also further positions for tech support that deals with “personal computers and portable devices like MP3 players and smartphones.”

Both Ryla and Teleperformance have had dealings with Verizon Wireless before along with Teleperformance also handling Apple. Having said that, this is all purely speculation because no company has actually come right out and said they are looking for staff for Verizon in respect of the Verizon iPhone. But make of it what you will for now. Having said that, if it is Verizon hiring well it does look like they are gearing up for the iPhone doesn’t it?

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