Verizon iPhone Launch: Motorola Loses Says Analyst

Ah that never-ending beast that is the Verizon iPhone rears its head again today, this time round it has been predicted that once the Verizon iPhone is launched, Verizon’s Droid manufacturer Motorola will lose out in the face of a Verizon iPhone onslaught.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, and by way of Barrons, analyst Ashok Kumar addressed Motorola’s present financial state along with the company’s future prospects before the arrival of the Verizon iPhone.

Apparently Motorola will “miss” analysts estimates for mobile handset sales in Q3 2010 and Kumar says Motorola will “fall short” of estimated sales of 5.5 million in Q4 2010 and it will get worse in 2011 when the Verizon iPhone is expected to hit.

Apparently the Big Red is withdrawing over time their future commitments to Motorola Android devices as they gear up for the arrival of the Verizon iPhone, thus Kumar predicts Motorola has a great deal to lose when the CDMA iPhone eventually arrives on Verizon.

So what do our readers think of this prediction by Kumar? Will the Verizon iPhone take away from Motorola Droid smartphones or will Android be able to maintain a strong presence with Verizon?


One thought on “Verizon iPhone Launch: Motorola Loses Says Analyst”

  1. Kaffeguy says:

    Android keeps getting better and better, and as newer versions are made the better it becomes. At first Windows dominated the smartphone now things are changing. The only disappointment I see with Android is Google has to team up and make an interface and who ever decides to make the phone must not place an interface with the phone. So far, the best user firendly and best interface for Android has been HTC Sense. Google has a lot of decisions to make regarding Android. This is one of the most critical one. I don't care how many application Apples have, what counts is the quality and the usability of the application. The idea of having a standard user interface will make it easier on the consumer to have their phones upgraded to the new versions as they come out. Not each phone and manufacturer have to wait for a developer to create a version to go with the phone. Google and manufacturers have to consider the consumer, who, in reality, are who are making their margins grow.

  2. Rvrnc says:

    I don't think Motorola has much to fear when the Iphone if it ever gets to Verizon Wireless. The Apple iPhone is basically a status symbol. If not mistaken it did not earn the status of being a Smartphone until this last edition. It is rigidly controlled, and in actuality in my case it is too small for all the possibilities that may be accomplished with a smart phone. Being in the medical profession and my wife as a consultant we find that the Android operating system has much more to offer than the iPhone

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