Symbian Dying, Redundancies Ahead, Will Nokia Go Android?

For quite some time now Nokia’s main operating system, Symbian has been falling behind the likes of the iPhone iOS, BlackBerry and Android, and it appears that times are becoming increasingly difficult for the Symbian Foundation as the word is the organisation is contemplating shutting down.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores, The Register is reporting that a source has said “Holbrow has been appointed to wind down operations and that Foundation employees are being offered redundancy packages.”

Apparently when approached, Symbian did neither confirm nor deny the news but did confirm that “Holbrow is a permanent replacement for Williams, indicating Symbian’s focus is now operations rather than technology or community development, by virtue of Holbrow’s financial background. Williams ascended to lead the Foundation after working on the Nokia N60 [sic]. Symbian’s fiscal year starts in April, meaning Holbrow’s got six months to wrap things up. Otherwise, business spills over into the new financial year.”

So although nothing along the lines of closure has actually been confirmed, the time ahead for the Symbian Foundation does seem to look somewhat grim. With that in mind do you think it is time for Nokia to pick up a new operating system for their smartphones, Android perhaps?

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