Boston Celtics Basketball News and Rumors iPhone 2010 -2011 Schedule

If you are a fan of the Boston Celtics basketball Team (NBA) you should really download ‘Boston Basketball News and Rumors’ iPhone app if you haven’t already, this one has had an update recently to add 2010-2011 Schedule.

This is the app you need if you wish all the information on the Boston Celtics, you will get all the latest news on the team and so much more, please read below for the main features of this iPhone application.

Main features Include: Quick News (online with viewer), Offline Schedule (link to updated team schedule/results), Roster (online with link to official team roster) and Standings, Landscape viewing, Visible loading status, Faster reloading of online pages, Mobile offline schedule, Improved offline schedule format and Info button for future use.

If this app is already installed on your iPhone and you are using it regularly please do send in your personal reviews, we want to know what you know, we want to know your likes and dislikes as well.

For more information about the iPhone sports app please visit iTunes.


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