Reckless Racing Android App Review: Are You Enjoying it?

If you visit the Android Market you will see that they have the stunning and addictive game called ‘Reckless Racing’, this Android app will have you on the edge of your seat thinking will you ever put your mobile device down.

This is apparently one of the best racing games yet and is on multiple platforms like the iPhone and iPad etc, well today we are calling out to all Android users ONLY, we would like for you to send in your personal reviews and problems if any.

What is your favourite or worse track? What is the best car truck etc within the game? So many questions and guess you have many for us and other readers.

There is no need to chat about this game and what features are best because you are well aware of the game, PLEASE all Android Reckless Racing game players please send in your reviews and opinions below in the comments area provided.


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